About Blake Voorhees

Blake Voorhees is a full-service real estate broker.  With over 25 years of combined legal and business experience, Blake has a unique talent for creating results that are relevant, substantive and enduring.  In turn, partnering with Blake secures you more than just a sale; it assures you the best result.

What clients are saying:

Seattle-based developer of luxury new homes (SELLER):

“As a real estate investor who has sold many homes, I can honestly say that Blake is the only agent who I felt had my back at all times. We were in it together which is such a rarity with this industry. He has integrity that matches no other and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any buyer or seller.” S. Swanson

Senior Attorney at multinational software company (BUYER):

“Blake is the reason I am living in the house of my dreams.  People like to tout ‘full service’ experience, but Blake actually delivers it.”  Melissa L.

Director of Professional Instruction at Seattle-based salon (SELLER):

“Blake has been outstanding throughout the process of selling my house.  His staging suggestions helped me to understand the importance of marketing my home.  By neutralizing bold interior colors and minimizing display of personal photos and effects, my home received strong market appeal and excelled against competing listings.  As contracts were offered, Blake would read through the fine print to make sure I understood all  points.  His management of negotiations always maintained my best interests.  I would highly recommend Blake for your business transaction. Whether selling or purchasing, he will always have your best interests as his main objective.”  L. Stacy

Executive Secretary at international on-line retailer (SELLER/BUYER):

“Blake is insanely detail-oriented, upbeat, positive, and thorough.  His professionalism combined with his extensive real estate knowledge make him a very valuable resource when buying or selling a home.  I would highly recommend Blake to any prospective clients.”  Nicole R.

Husband and Wife Entrepreneurs/Investors/First-Time Home Buyers (BUYER):

“We were lucky enough to have Blake recommended to us by our first agent who “broke up” with us as we were first time home buyers, needed a deal and were looking at short sales or a major fixer upper (i.e.,difficult). Blake has that rare mix of experience, knowledge and industry relationships that really sets him apart. He also is incredibly patient and handled easily both me and my spouse and our conflicting styles, especially as our differences were heightened by making such a major purchase as our first home. Blake found us our dream fixer upper (seriously it was everything we wanted), helped us get through the first loan to purchase, had great insight when we decided to go for a construction loan six months later, and two years after our initial purchase recommended another lender at the end of our construction loan that saved us thousands of dollars. He is awesome.” Kim and Bryan R.

Nuclear Engineer and Biologist – A married couple (BUYERS):

“When it comes to reviewing Blake’s role in our recent home-buying experience, if 10 stars were an option, even that would fall short on how we now feel about him! We only recently met him when we found a home on Trulia that caught our eye, yet from the very beginning of the experience and all throughout, he constantly made us feel as if we’d been good friends for years, because he seemed to always have our backs. We have bought homes elsewhere but were new to purchasing in the Seattle market. Blake repeatedly impressed us with his knowledge and expertise of the area and the process, leaving no stone unturned and no question unanswered… and equally as much, with his dedication to meeting our needs and with his relentless willingness to go wayyy above and beyond, regularly saying with a smile “that’s my job.” Yet, while others out there may know their territories and may be willing to do their “job,” what we most appreciate about Blake now that we’ve seen him in action, is the pride he takes in working only at the highest level of ethics and integrity. It’s easy to see that’s what makes him tick; from that he will not be deterred. It has left us with a great feeling that we were working with the right person all along. Seriously, pair that with his professionalism and drive, and he is one force to be reckoned with!”

Yvonne and Jim T.

M.D. and PhD Candidate, a married couple (BUYERS):

“We were completely green and felt lost in the craziness of the Seattle market before we met Blake. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and intimate knowledge of the areas where we were considering buying, but more than that, felt that I could trust him. As soon-to-be first time homeowners, we didn’t want to simply find an agent — we wanted a wise friend who would tell it to us straight and help guide us towards a sound financial and personal decision. Blake was just that. He invested in us as people, came to understand our values, and educated us on the finer points of buying a home. Blake goes above and beyond and is incredibly responsive. He expertly negotiated an amazing price on a house in Madison Valley, and we couldn’t be happier. Blake’s energy is amazing: he seems to thrive on the challenge of matching people up with the right house for them, and truly makes it happen. Without his advice, strategy, and brilliant negotiation skills, I actually think we would have given up. My husband and I give Blake our very highest recommendations, and it is a privilege even to write him a review!”

Griff and Liz G.

Cell: 206.295.5648

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/latitude47.net

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